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Learning Center Class Schedule & Descriptions:
Please find our Fall 2016 Mommy and Me schedule below.

Baby-tween:  Age- 9 months-18 months /
Fee- $96 per 8 week session 
Do you have a baby that’s not a teeny weenie but not a toddler either?  Well this is the class for your little bundle of energy! Class will begin with a circle time full of songs and finger play, then instrument time, parachute fun, and we will end the class with some exploratory play so your child has a chance to socialize with other “baby-tweens”.  This class gives your child the opportunity to socialize and develop a love for music while spending time with you!
Everything Round:  
Age- 18 months-3 years 
Fee- $96 per 8 week session 
This is an age when children need to move and socialize but learn best in a structured setting.  Children like to know what’s coming next.  This class was created with your child’s current developmental stage in mind.  We will begin with circle songs, instruments, parachute play followed by the opportunity for gross motor play, an art project and a sensory stimulation. Finally, the children listen to a story and sing our goodbye song.

Yoga Mommy and Me
Age- 18 months-3 years
Fee- $96 per 8 week session
Join us for our new yoga class!  This is  fun class which combines yoga poses, games, music and breathing exercises for parent and child. A safe and supportive environment which will enhance bonding as well as playfulness for everyone!  This class is in our new gross motor space two doors down from Tiny Tots ELC.


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